Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/Aids

At Glohomo we are advocates for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We work hard in societies and communities of deprivation to improve the sexual health of the young and vulnerable and the wider health and well-being of individuals. We believe everyone has the right to:
  • Make informed choices
  • The right to access the full range of affordable and informed family planning services
  • The right to accurate information and services to prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections

We know that this isn’t the case and is unavailable in the most disadvantaged communities in London. We are here to make a change and support those who need it most. By supporting affected communities with relief items and basic needs and emotional wellbeing.

We will provide community healthcare in comfortable non-judgmental settings in the communities most at need.

We aim to promote good sexual health and raise awareness through community campaigns and effectively targeting and prioritsing the populations who need it most.

Education for the most vulnerable children and adults

We run projects that use human centred design techniques to develop ideas that will create greater impact and scale in social and emotional learning in disadvantaged settings. Social emotional learning is the term to describe the ability to focus, retain and apply information, regulate emotions, persevere, solve problems, and get along with others.
This project involves understanding the challenges of bringing education to disadvantaged communities and internally displaced children with very different needs. Specifically, a community who have fled their country in times of conflict and cannot access a traditional school within the UK.

Using sport to promote vulnerable communities and promote equality

At Global Hope Mobilization we believe there isn’t enough emphasis on the impact sport has on our youth. It adds values and principles in children and young adults. We target communities who have been affected by Covid – 19 and disadvantaged communities in the London Boroughs and are committed to developing physical fitness, mental well being and social interaction by playing organized or competitive sports. We provide sporting options, supply of equipment, improvements/rebuilding of infrastructure and coaching sessions.

Providing Basic Needs & Homelessness Prevention

Our homelessness campaign is to provide basic needs in times of change and the current economic climate and the fallout of Covid – 19. No one should be without the 5 basic needs of:






We aim to provide resources to ensure we reach as many individuals and families as we can who are currently without these basic needs. We see these as immediate basic needs and should be prioritized as such. Communities who have been affected by escaping conflict, been affected by Covid – 19, loss of employment or, are in vulnerable situations will be provided what they need to sustain life.

Human Trafficking / Anti – Slavery Campaigns

The Problem: Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery is on the increase within the UK, although it is difficult to get an accurate number. There are an estimated 40.3 million humans are exploited in the form of stolen freedom globally. These individuals are forced into unimaginable labour and sexual exploitation. We can, and must, do more. Global Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO) is committed to ending the cycle of slavery by pursuing the cycle of freedom. Modern Day Slavery is more stoppable than ever as we rally around the world and work together. Prevention through awareness and education are vital.

What We Do

Global Hope Mobilization’s Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery

work has changed people’s lives around the world. We aim to rescue children and adults trapped in sex trafficking and labour slavery in London through awareness, training, and action in all London Boroughs. Eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking is one of our highest priorities and to safeguard victims to prevent vulnerable people from being victims.

UK – Africa Music & Arts collaboration for Development

With approximately 17,000 Malawian Nationals residing in the UK, Global Hope Mobilization would like to bring its wide range of performance arts to the UK from traditional dance to their up-and-coming international artists. Modern Malawian music is electric and takes its influence from many styles, genres, and countries. Dance is an essential part of a Malawian lifestyle.