Name of Project Mudziwachikwanekwane
Period 2 yrs
Name of Partner Vibrant Village Foundation (VVF)
Goal of Project:  To promote, health education and economic empowerment activities in traditional authority Tsabango Lilongwe
Strategies (Approaches) Advocacy

Community engagements

Interface meetings

Focus Group discussions

Location Lilongwe TA Tsabango
Results of the Project Constructed 4 boreholes  in T/A Tsabango

24 health talks were conducted reaching out to 2347 women on economic empowerment

Formed 70 women Self Help Groups  for savings and loan

Renovated  3 classroom blocks, instillation of solar power, and Provision of 150 desks  at Kang’oma primary school

Constructed head teachers office at Kang’oma primary school

Impact of the Project Increased access to clean and potable water through boreholes

Increased gender inclusion on community developments activities (participation of women and young people in decision making)

Improved community, household economic standards  through IGAs

Increased health literacy among the populace

How many people were reached 3650 direct beneficiaries  (women and children)